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Sony System: can't find any reviews...

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Anyone familiar with the: Sony CMT-DH7BT micro system?

I googled it, and I see many announcements and vague reviews that refer only to the features but not sound quality.

Has anyone listened to this system?
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I just received this system as an anniversary gift for being with the company I work for, for a certain number of years. First off I should say I haven't tried all the features yet, as I just got it a few days ago. It is an attractive looking system to start, with 100 watts total output. I'm certainly no audiophile but sound quality to me is pretty good, nice crisp highs and good bass (after adjusting the treble and bass to my taste, using the remote, there are 5 settings/steps 0-4 for Treble/Bass. I haven't cranked the volume all the way to the top with the bass set to 4 as I didn't want to take a chance on ruining the speakers. But with the bass set to 0 or 1 and turning the volume all the way up, it certainly fills my house throughout with music.

I have burned a DVD-RW of all my music (mp3's) and the system played them just fine. Displaying track/title/artist information scrolling from right to left on the front display. Making this system a nice little Jukebox. One little quirk to me is that to change some settings you need to have it hooked up to a television for the onscreen display, but then again I haven't hooked it to my television yet.

I haven't tried the system out yet as a DVD player but it does component out, progressive/interlace, 16:9, Full or Pan/Scan. And digital audio (optical) out.

If you want to know more detailed information about this system. Go to Sony's website and click on customer care and then on manuals/specs/warranty. And then do a search on the model# CMT-DH7BT.

So far I am pretty happy with this system and I am sure as I try out more features I will be even happier.
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Lee4000, thanks for the info!

have you ever listened to any of the Denon or Onkyo mini systems? curious how they compare.
I don't see any reviews on this system, however, if and when there are any, you will find them on www.ecoustics.com .
Credible magazines don't review equipment on this level. I can personally tell you that Sony equipment is crap. I've own several as I was hooked on the Sony brand due to the Trinitron. What I've found is Sony is overated junk and you can do better for a fraction of the cost.
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