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Kids broke my 42" Sharp Aquos(LC42D64U), did a bit of research here and it looked like sony/samsung was the way to go. This site doesnt seem to like price quoting much so I'll just say that the LG 47LH40 would fit into my budget nicely.

Went and looked at the display models, I know they arent set up properly in the stores but I thought the samsung and sony's really looked a lot better then the LG's. That combined with what I've read about them, I decided to get a Sony 46V5100 on that was on sale.

Reading more on this forum I see this tv is plagued with issues, mine has the HDMI sound drop issue so I'll be returning it for a refund. But this brings me back to square one almost and pouring over all these different options for me.

Would like some input on where I'm at now, maybe help me get all this sorted out.

Samsung- out of my budget for 120hz, the place I got my V5100 had the B650 in my price range but that sale is over. Some are saying video game lag is an issue and I will be using a Xbox 360 on it. More of a casual xbox user, driving, sports games. My serious gaming I do on PC.

Size- Would really like to go with a 46, was happy with the 42 for the last few years but it looks like the 42 has become rare. Dont think I want to go to a 40.

Hz- dont think I've seen a difference with this 120Hz sony yet. Will play around with that more while I still have it. I liked the idea of the 120 for the supposed smoothness and because I generally plan on owning a tv for quite a while, didnt want it to be too outdated in the years to come. But going 60hz could help getting something better within budget.

Other brands- hows toshiba, LG and panasonic? I have no complaints about my sharp, maybe one of those again. Maybe if I get too used to this sony I'd think the pictures on these others one sucks.
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