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Sony VPH-1031q and a PS3. Best way to get them connected.

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I've had a 1031 since 1/03 and it has been a great projector. All tubes are still crisp, I upgraded the lenses to HD-144's, swapped the fans to make it silent, and have it generally working the best it can. I have an HTPC driving it at 960x540 @59.94 through power strip. Right now the projector is only used to watch DVD movies and a little TV. I've hooked my XBOX up to the ATI All-In-Wonder a few times and enjoyed gaming on it but it didn't look that great through the composite input on the AIW. I really don't have money at the moment for a new projector, and the resale value of my 1031q isn't worth much so I'll just make due with what I have.

What I would like is to run my new PS3 directly to the 1031q. Can I get a scaler to output at 960x540? And would I want to? I've never researched exactly how a scaler works so I need some help on what to buy. Would the PS3 output to the scaler at 1080p and the scaler turn it down to a resolution that the 1031 can handle? Of course, I'd like to get the best resolution I can, so I would assume that the 540p would look better than 480p if the scaler could do so.

Thanks for helping me get a little more use out of this old dinosaur!

As a side note, I have separate low loss coax cables for RGBHV running to the projector from my HTPC. Here was my info from '03 . I modded my ATI AIW 7500 to output via BNC Connections. The projector has a RGBHV to 25pin SCART adapter.

Also, would an Extron System 4LDxi Line doubler be a good candidate for this project? How would I connect the PS3 to the RGBHV input on the Extron?


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I'm not sure if scaling 480 to 540P will be worth getting a scaler for.

Does the PS3 do 480P from HDMI?

If so, the HDFury would be good:

Originally Posted by reio-ta /forum/post/12920327

He didn't say 480p to 540p, he said 1080p to 540p.

I know what he said. My response was in lieu of using a scaler to downscale 1080P to 540P, so I merely suggested an affordable $139 HDMI gamer adapter instead of a $300-$3000 1080P video processor. I'm sorry if my simpler suggestion offended you or the OP.
Thanks to both of you for the advice. I totaly forgot to check if the PS3 could output 1080i.

Would the HD Fury be my best option to send 1080i to the projector?

The PS3 would stay "locked" to 1080i unless I changed it correct? I don't want it to output a res that would fry my poor little projector

Would anyone set this up differently?...

10' HDMI extension

HD Fury Gamer Edition (powered by the 5v adapter)

Green breakout adapter (RGBHV)

Then going to the RGBHV to SCART adapter (see attached photo)

Again, thanks for the help
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It has been several years since I owned a 1031, but IIRC, standard 1080i is slightly above the 1031's bandwidth capability.

I think 960x540 @59.94 is close to the max. Doesn't 1080i have a greater H scan rate than 960x540p?

The PS3 control panel lets you check or uncheck which resolutions it'll try... 480p/1080i/720p/1080p. So uncheck 720p and 1080p, and search around a bit more in the archives before trying 1080i into your 1031.
Will do.

Originally Posted by Clarence /forum/post/12929986

It has been several years since I owned a 1031, but IIRC, standard 1080i is slightly above the 1031's bandwidth capability.

I think 960x540 @59.94 is close to the max. Doesn't 1080i have a greater H scan rate than 960x540p?

The PS3 control panel lets you check or uncheck which resolutions it'll try... 480p/1080i/720p/1080p. So uncheck 720p and 1080p, and search around a bit more in the archives before trying 1080i into your 1031.
This is just my opinion, but I think at this point any money spent NOT upgrading that projector is a waste of money. For $500 you should be able to fine a decent condition 1270 and an HDFury. Run that PS3 at 1080i or 720p and the picture will be WORLDS better than SD on that 1031.

Of course, this is a lot more work than just adding a scaler... and it doesn't answer the question that you're asking... but this is what I'd do on a budget.

However, I'm not sure what your budget is if you're considering a scaler. I imagine that you'd have to spend more than $500 just to get a scaler that accepts 1080p.

I think you mean Samsung SIR TS-360
yeah, got a cold and am a little slow today)
I'm trying to do something similiar. I have a Sony 1031Q and the Xbox 360.

I have the Xbox 360 running via component cables to a transcoder outputting RGBS to the 1031Q via the DB25 input. The image looks good at 480P, but the projector refuses to sync to 1080i. It'll show the image for a split second, then quickly get wavy, then fail altogether. The whole process takes a couple seconds, then it will default back to 480p. Any clues as to what setting I need to look at?
Never got mine to sync to 1080i either, 480p and 550p from a pc looks good though.

I ran the ps2 to the input of the t360 with component, the 360 to a simple a/b vga switch box and the pc to the other input on the box and the 9 to 25 pin cable to the pj, the 360 is about $50 and does a nice job for a ota tuner and converting to progressive.
I'm glad they kept the archives!!

My 540p was wavy when I first tried it and then I found out about the "High Freq" pot on the DA board. After adjusting it, the picture came in crisp.

Here is a thread from '03 where the "High Freq" pot is mentioned to get 1080i to come in correctly.


i haven't had a chance to try the powerstrip settings yet, but i was wondering if you had any suggestions on getting 1080i to work properly?

edit: jason, what was the adjustment pot that you mentioned earlier? could this have an affect on being able to accept 1080i properly? thanks

Newton ,

-- the "High Freq" pot is on the [DA] board which is under the main convergence board [DB] . You have to remove 2-3 screws and the board itself will flip up then there is a little metal arm that swings up to hold the board open . The H.Freq pot is almost in the center of the board more towards the back of the PJ .

-- I should add that the RGB V.Size pot is there as well as the blanking controls [ on the DA board ] .

-- Have you visited Larry's 1031Q site ?

---- Here : http://www.eboyztoyz.net/1031q/page...etup_Guide.html

----- Jason
hallelujah! adjusting the high freq pot did it! thank you so much everyone for your help i love this forum
Thanks Jeepin, I won't be able to try it until this weekend, but I'd bet that's the solution.

Originally Posted by 69shelby /forum/post/12948496

toshibe ts-360 and a vga cable is easiest.
Originally Posted by mtmelvin /forum/post/12948948

I think you mean Samsung SIR TS-360

Wow, what a great idea, I didn't even know it existed.

I was going to buy an HDFury Advance kit (~$200), but Samsung sounds much better.

So, I would hook the PS3 up to the TS360 via component and output the TS360 1080i through the vga port and take that RGBHV signal to my projector. Correct?

Are there any video quality issues with the TS360 that I should be aware of? I've done a quick search on AVS and there's a 74 page thread on the TS360 that's just too long to go through at the moment.

With this setup I would also gain the benefit of OTA HD Channels correct? Does the Samsung require a subscription for the non-subscription features of the DSR to work? (ie. OTA HD and the AV inputs)

Some food for thought..

I'm saving up to buy a 47" LCD for the living room by the start of summer. Once that is done my next purchase will be to upgrade to another projector. I'm not sure when that will be, but I'm about 90% sure it won't be a CRT
. I love my CRT, but I have a fairly low ceiling in my basement and a digital would work better for me. Hopefully by that time (1 year from now?) the decent 1080p digitals will be more affordable. For this reason, I'm shying away from the HDFury as I probably won't need it for my next projector.

Thank you all for the much needed help.

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yes, the component out of the ps/xbox to the component in on the ts360, the vga cable from the ts360 to the pj, i have not seen any issues, save for the odd overscan data on top of the screen on a few ota broadcasts, dvd's and game look excellent. The ts360 also has component out and hdmi, I recently upgraded to a G70 and use the same receiver for ota but now all my components go into the yamaha receiver on output component to the G70, the 360 will not take a signal over 480p in, though. you can change the output of the ts360 to 1080i, 720p, native and 480i/p so there is no issue with it putting out a too high signal and burning the pj up. Make sure you get the real remote, the aftewrmarket samsung remotes dont have a button for input selection(at least the ones I have seen). The only thing is you will need to adjust colors on the pj itself. The ota tuner works for free and the inputs also, the satilite section doesnt have anything to do with any of the other functions.
That sucks about the 480p component limitation on the TS360. Just how much of a decrease in quality will I see from the upconverted 480p signal from the PS3 to 1080i instead of a true 1080i signal from the PS3?

Are there any other cheap HD satellite tuners that can take a 1080i input?
Great info 69Shelby. My wife works for DTV, so we have a ton of old equipment stashed away. Fortunately I found a TS-360 amongst the pile of old receivers. Now I need to find out if my parents have an antenna on their roof or if I can get a good signal from an indoor antenna.
I have a powered jenson antenna about 12inches wide and it works great, I do need to re-aim sometimes, but it is sitting on a chair for now so no big deal, I tried some expensive antennas and did not see a big increase in signal. I would try to see if the 1031 will do 1080i before worring about it, like I said, I was never able to get it to do it. There may be expensive ways to do it, but 480p looks great on it.
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