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After about a year of use, I found that one day my projector would start up but display no picture. I opened up the projector and noticed that the LED on the "Y" board was blinking. After trolling the boards I did a HARDWARE RESET by flicking dipswitch 1 down, hitting the reset button on the "Y" board. and putting the switch back up.

The white screen came back up and I could see the text on the screen again. YAY. HOWEVER, the projector could not display 480p after I hit "PAGE", It was all scrambled up.

I feed 480p, 1080i and 720p through a VDIGI transcoder from an upscaled DVD player and an Xbox to the RGBHV inputs.

I eventually got a picture to display by adjusting the 3 screws or "pot's" on the "DA" board. These are labelled as follows:

- Video AFC rv3



Of course I don't know what i'm doing.

Unfortuantely, I have to re-adjust them everytime I switch from 480p, 1080i and the menu screens. The projector won't even display 720p at all anymore. :(

So basically, it seems to be having trouble switching and mainting sync between different resolutions, which is a pain because when I can see 480p, I can't switch into the menus to set up the convergence. I adjust the pots on the "DA" board to see the menu screen and set the convergence and the 480p signal is garbled. Ack.

My memory slots seem to work fine for saving data, I dunno.

Do any of you knowledgable chaps have any idea what the source of the problem might be and what part I need to replace? My first guess would be to replace the "DA" board.

Any ideas?

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