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Hello, i am posting here, after having spent quite some time trying to find a couple of spare parts for my 1000ES.
I have tried via my local installer, as well as directly with Sony. The prime support was helpful somehow, by sending me the link to a page
Ibiss - Internet Based Information System for Service but when i asked them for the login-credentials, they referred me back to my installer. Since the latter does only selling, but no repairs, he doesn't have a login either.

The projector is now +/- 7 years old and certainly no longer at the top of the food chain, but i think it would be a pity to have to throw it away, just because Sony refuses to provide me with some spare parts (Having it repaired by Sony would not make sense, economically). I have already managed to find some parts via second hand / auction platforms, but not all i need is available.

Would someone here be so nice to let me know where i can find available Sony spare parts (including prices) in general, or at least, specifically for the following components:

210 1-910-401-75 s CONNECTOR ASSY, GH 6P

Thanks very much in advance!
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