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Threads, threads, threads and no one has the courage to try. So I did! :p

The most recent thread:

I was so critic myself about the ISCO II that I couldn't resist to purchase one myself:

And this thread is my practice answer to this other one:

Disclaimer: sorry for pictures, not my fault. Anyway, they give an idea.

Here is the first picture (Sony's test pattern)

Here is the second picture (AVIA):

And here is a complete set of (bad) pictures:


With a longer throw lens than the Sony's, it should be almost perfect. If you bought an anamorphic lens for your 4:3 projector, keep it for your future 16:9 successor!

ISCO II Setup is done within minutes to achieve 95% quality, probably half hour or so to get the remaining 5%.

The ISCO II is very tolerant: you don't need to place the lens with micrometric precision; millimetric and even centimetric precision seems enough.

There is some chromatic dispersion on edges. And this is not a convergence problem of the LCD panels; in fact the ISCO II helps to hide misalignment of LCD panels, it also reduces screen door (I agree, I didn't try to achieve perfect focus, and after these tests I wouldn't do so, image is still perfectly sharp for video).

I couldn't see any obvious vignetage.

Could someone tell me where to find a curved GrayHawk screen? I'm dreaming about it now... :rolleyes:

Sorry, I'll be off until next monday. I'll be in Paris tomorrow and friday (I will see Brett and his huge collection of LD players :)) and I'm always off on WE. Questions will wait (if any).

Next time I hope to have a good (cheap) digital camera, what about the Canon A10/20 Powershot?


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great SOME members post pictures here :D ( guys, we want pictures and screenshots )

comments by email Carlos :) but I think your thread needs a bump up!!! definitely.

and a curved screen :)



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Yes, Guys this will be the holly grail of digital PROJECTION TV.

Unfurtonately none of the solid curved screens on the market can be cut to 2.35. I checked.

This leaves the possibility of the TORUS which can be expensive.

If there is enough interest for a curved 2.35 screen, and in the future there has to be (with 16by9 panel) and isco2. Why don't you all bug A Gouger or T. Strade for a TORUS POWERBUY.

When Don Stewart recuperates, soon,I may be able to get a powerbuy an unbeliveable price for a quantity of 8 or more.

Now I do not recommend using screens with unity gain in curved applications. The diffused light spills over the other areas of the screen minimising the impact and softening the focuss.

The 2.8 xenon white will enhance the contrast while maintaining good colorimetry.

A better SONY lcd projector to the wh-10 is the VPL-fx50 that has a great picture and multiple lenses.

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Originally posted by msink
In your 1st image, the boxes on the right edge are much smaller than the boxes on the left edge.

The 2nd image looks better.

Im buying the same lense for a 16:9 projector I dont even have yet. soley for 2.35 constant height setup.
Don't worry about the smaller boxes on the right. The test pattern on the Sony is that way, it has nothing to do with the lens. Any 10HT owner can confirm.

So just trust the AVIA pattern.

Originally posted by drmyeyes
How are you scaling the (2.35) image to fill the Sony's panel
Easy! Just setting the Sony in Zoom mode as if the source was a letterboxed 4/3 DVD. I fact I'm using an alternate mode (Sony has 7 modes), the Subtitle mode which does the same as Zoom mode but allows also adjusting height size and shift. My DVD player is simply connected via s-vhs.

The ISCO II is very easy to setup. And once the first setup has been done, I mean tilt and shift on the lens which shouldn't be redone if you use it only for one projector, you can remove and put again the lens in seconds (for 16:9 or 2.35 viewing). Of course, if the projector is ceiling mounted, something has to be done to attach the lens.

If there is some interest in this, I'll try to get a better DigiCam and update screenshots on the gamelife.be/cinemascope.htm page.

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