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Great find. As no one seems to have any hard facts on this unit I guess it's ok to speculate a little.

Good points:
  • Seems to use the same fan technology as the (now discontinued) VPL-CS10 which is supposed to be 'low noise'.
  • The horizontal keystone correction might solve many placement problems, especially if it allows a 16:9 image to use the full 4:3 panel.
  • 'Progressive Component' (unlike the CS10). Probably the same scaler as in the VPL-VW10HT/VPL-CS3.
  • Memory stick is a nice geek feature if you have a Sony digicam.
  • Probably very affordable.

Not so good points:
  • SVGA only.
  • No zoom mentioned.
  • No contrast ratio mentioned.
  • 'Availability August 2001'

This unit has the potential to become a very popular projector.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.