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Sony VW Pro1

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I jumped in and ordered a B Stock VW Pro1 from AVS and wondered if anyone else did the same?

My reasoning was it throws a very well reviewed picture for the price and I couldn't care less about 3D. Getting the sealed light path of an SXRD projector was icing on the cake. I previously had a BenQ 720P LCD projector and thought it looked great so I'm sure I'll be thrilled with the picture the Sony will throw.

I can't imagine there are many current models at the current price that can compete with the combination of 2D picture quality and brightness.
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How do people find out about these deals?
This deal is posted on the top of the page in the $3k and under forum. "Front Projectors Great Found Deals!"
I was going to as I've been searching for my first PJ in a dedicated room........

But, in the end, it didn't have the lens shift I need due to complications of the room...6" above the top of the screen isn't quite enough.

Otherwise, I would have pulled the trigger.
I'm sure you'll be happy with it, my b stock vw60 is still kicking. I think I'm going kyak this year instead of projector upgrade though. Sure is tempting to move to 3d!!!
I jumped on the deal for VW Pro1 as well. I had an Acer K11 pocket projector (I know, I know...but I had to start somewhere) and was looking at either the Epson 8345 or 8350. When the Sony B stocks popped up, I couldn't pass up getting one of them. I'm super psyched about the upgrade (which will be pretty substantial in my case).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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