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Sony W4000 advanced settings

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Hi Guys,

For those of you who speak french, feel free to find a tutorial i wrote about Sony W4000 W4100 V4100 calibration. I speak about white balance settings.


I had no time to translate it in english.

Sorry if i post in the wrong section, moderators feel free to move my message

Best Regards,

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Merci Yoko83!

I thought I was the only non-usa member in this forum
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it seems the model in the USA is KDL-46V4100.

I thinks my settings are fine for all V and W 4100 models.
Can anyone translate this to english or post the settings? Id like to try these on my KDL-46v4100.
can you translate the tutorial to english please
Sorry for asking about things that have been discussed over and over again, but I just can't get hold of all these settings. Sorry also if you see this post again, because I've posted this same message to few different forums/groups hoping to get decent answers from at least one of them.

I have following setup:

PS3 (1080p over HDMI. Games and BR/DVD) and PC (1080p over HDMI. HD and lower quality video) connected to Denon AVR-1909, which is connected to Sony KDL-40W4000 with HDMI.

I need help to get all necessary settings right to get maximum picture quality through the chain. Brightness, color temperature etc. are just matters of opinion, so let's not concentrate to those. What I'm interested in is getting all colors from PS3/PC to TV.

At the moment my settings are:


BD/DVD Video output format :Y Cb Cr

RGB Range: Full (1)

Y Cb Cr Super white: On


Color space: Y Cb Cr (2)

RGB Range: Enhanced (3)


Colour space: standard (4)

1) About everyone everywhere is writing that this should be set to limited. I haven't fully understood why. Don't I then loose 0-15 and 236-255 ranges? And if I set this to limited, should I then set 1909 to normal, or does it matter?

2) If I set this to Y Cb Cr, and PS3/PC feeds RGB to 1909 (PS3 games for example), what happens? Does denon somehow still use the Y Cb Cr?

3) I thought this would be simple. Excerpt from 1909 manual:
Normal: Use video range from 16 (black) to 235 (white).

Enhanced: Use video range from 0 (black) to 255 (white). Use this setting to avoid black washout.

So I think Of course I use enhanced. If input doesn't have 0-15 and 236-255 ranges, then it doesn't, but what harm could this so But then I saw someone write like this in AVSForum: The normal vs. enhanced setting for RGB should be set to "normal" for most video sources. Then, it should do video levels and properly pass WTW/BTB. If you set it to "enhanced" then there is no BTB or WTW. How come there is no BTB and WTW (what I think are 0-15 and 236-255), when I just selected the option that includes those?

4) Just to be sure: Colour space standard/wide is not 16-235/0-255 seection? I do get 0-255 with standard, if I just feed 0-255 to the tv?

Please, spend little time and energy and explain me what and why should I do with all these options.
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