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I bought sony kdl-46wl140 about a month ago.

The TV is great, when works with DirectTV HDTV (1080i) and when playing Blue Ray movies.

When I am trying to watch, upconverted to any progressive resolution, regular DVD / MP4 movies with high colors and fast moves the picture does not move smoothly, but jumps from frame to frame.

Actually it happens for all my daughter's movies like Barbie, Tinker Bell etc.

When I am selecting 1080i - the picture looks OK.

I checked same movie with same DVD player and same cable on Samsung ln46a650, Sharp 52" 64u, Vizio 47" 120HZ and the picture moves smoothly.

I checked also same movie in BB on w4100, z4100, XBR6 and the picture is terrible with Sony 350 BD player...

My friend has same TV and same issue - Sony sent technician to his house, who approved that there is an issue, Sony suggested to this technician to change the main board...

Any idea?


I posted this message and got the answer only after a month...

============================================================ ====================

Solution by joe6680

============================================================ ====================

Thank you, Joe for solution!

I am posting this solution here:




Turn off cinemotion and your problem should be solved.


Let me know,


I can add that there is also different possibilty: leave the cinemotion, but turn the game mode ON.

I prefer to turn the cinemotion off.
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