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I know there might be a few threads on this but I don't want to bump them up since they're at least a year or two old.

On CL i found a KV-30HS420 for $100, thing is I just bought a Panny L32S1. While I'm somewhat satisfied with the Panny, the PQ leaves something to be desired.

How much improvement would I see with the KV-30HS420 over the L32S1. I'm pretty sure the KV-30HS420 is a 1080i set with one HDMI input. I'm thinking I should just sell the L32S1 and buy the KV-30HS420.

Whaddya guys think?

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I have the 32" version and in my personal opinion I think you would see quite a difference with the deep black levels and no off-axis issues. But most of all you're getting it at a bargain price since the MRSP for these TV's were a grand or a little more at debut. To put it simple, go for it!

I have a panny plasma and Sony LCD, it completely destroys the PQ on my LCD and makes my plasma wish it was better
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