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TV has been working great for nearly 5-6 years, then today all of a sudden, the tint goes ape-crap on me. It sesms to be alternating between the red dropping out, and the green dropping out, and doesn't seem to care what the source is coming from (component DVD, composite cable, etc). It gets worse as the picture gets whiter/brighter, though lowering the brightness doesn't seem to help much.

In general, does this sound like something repairable for less than an arm & a leg. I've had past televisions go far more bonkers (picture softening beyond recognition, a green lasershow on the screen, etc), but this is the first issue like this I've come across.

While true it may be time to upgrade to an HD set, needing to, and affording to be able to are two entirely different things.

Lol, I think the last time I posted was when I was asking about information before I purchased this model
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