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Hello guys I wonder if any of you could advice me on what to do with this problem.

I bought a 65 inches Sony X850C about a year and a half ago. Back then it looked like a good deal because it was HDR ready, it was 4K, and it was 3D, all with a Triluminos display.

Recently I had a problem with it where it went on this booting loop from Sony to the Rainbow logo to Android, then it will turn off and it would start doing the same thing all over again, so you were never able to try to do any kind of reset from the menu.

I called Best Buy and they came to fix it. The TV works now. The menus are still the same, and the rebooting problem is gone.

However the colors don't look as sharp as before. Maybe it is just in my head, but I feel they are different.

When I stream a YouTube video from my phone it no longer says X850C, now it says KDL GN1. I looked it up and it says that KDL GN1 is the same as KDL850C.

So I'm wondering if they put the wrong part inside. The only thing they changed was the main board.

When I go on 3D mode, the 3D is not as clear as I remember, not even close. It looks very blury now and with no much depth. What it is also not normal and I'm not happy about is that everytime I change the 3D back to normal I get this kind of decolored pinkish image, and the only way to fix it is to turn it off and turn it on again.

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What can I do? I watch a lot of 3D movies and I don't want to have these problems. What should I tell them. My warranty is still good for another 3 years.
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