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I can not figure out what is causing my Sony XBR 40" picture to go black with dandruff(snow).
It seems to be a cable problem because I can watch all the HD channels from comcast without any problem but when I go to the std channels I get black screen with dandruff and the sound is fine! When I switch over to my PS2/DVD it works fine for a while but then goes to having dandruff. This does not happen every time we turn it on either which makes it harder to isolate. I have had Comcast out three times, they have swapped boxes and said they need to run a second line to the house because of all drops I have (10). No other TV in the house has this problem. If any one has an idea I really need your help, not trying to move this 300lb hog if I do not have too. If you need more information I will be happy to answer.

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