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Before you call me crazy, I'm well aware that the XBR is a much better TV, probably in most areas aside from the glossier screen compared to the Samsung. However, the price for the Sony is literally 2x that of the Samsung. I can pick up the XBR for $2,500 versus $1,300 for the Samsung.

I compared them side by side in the store, and they both had gorgeous picture quality. The reason I'm not comparing a higher end Samsung to the XBR is because as the prices get higher to the 6500, 7100 and 8000, the closer and closer I get to the price of the Sony, thus making my decision easy. However, I'm not sure if the Sony is worth 2x that of Samsung?

I would love some advice from those who own either set, or who have opinions either way. I'm planning on keeping this tv for the next 4-5 years, as long as it functions properly, so I want a unit that will have staying power. What would you choose?

Thanks for the help!
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