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Sony XBR-55HX950 vs. Sharp Elite Pro-60x5fd

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Hi, guys...so I currently have a Samsung UN55C8000, but I'm thinking about getting either the Sony or Sharp as an upgrade. I've read several reviews of both and these TVs seem to be among the best flat panels ever produced. One member here has posted his impressions and says the Sharp is definitely superior to the Sony.

I don't really want to get anything bigger than 55" and the 60" Elite would be pretty massive. Also, I can probably get the Sony cheaper than the Elite. Here's my question...does anyone else on here have experience with BOTH TVs and is there really that much of a difference in picture quality between the Sony and Sharp? So far the reviews seem a bit mixed and I'm wondering if the difference in PQ is substantial enough to justify spending extra money on the Sharp over the Sony. Thanks for any insight!
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Every review I ever seen said the Sharp was noticeably superior & the reference standard for LCD technology.
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