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Sony XBR2 Pixel/ Blur help

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When watching sports in HD I notice a blur or pixelated picture every so often. It happens way to much for my liking.

1. Is this from Direct tv?

2. Is this from my processor

3. What can it be?
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The pixelated picture can be source related, but the motion blur is inherent thus far with LCD technology. Some say they don't see motion blur with new sets as they did a year or two ago. I fail to see much improvement.
The LCD may blur the image but the LCD cell cannot pixelate. This can only happen in the video prcoessor within the TV or in your cable feed.

The problem would stem from an overcompressed HD-lite DirecTV signal.
usually its the cable feed, on some channels its crystal clear on others not so good.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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