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Sony XBR3 or Pioneer Elite 940

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Well I picked up a Sony XBR3 (40in) on kind of an impulse because I got a really good deal on it. But it has a nickel sized gray dot that can be seen on the display on lighter colors.

I purchased it three days ago so its still within return policy, and I just wanted to get some opinions. One of the guys at the store talked me into the Pioneer Elite 940 (42in) being better than the Sony. The Elite is a 720p display as opposed to the Sony's 1080.

The TV's will be used for alot of Xbox 360, and standard cable, with the eventual upgrade to HD cable/dish. I was told the Pioneer would scale images alot better than the Sony and would be better for viewing on the Standard Cable, as we don't know when we may upgrade to HD.

So the Sony will be returned and I'm trying to decied on whether to go with the XBR3 again, or to go with the Elite. It will be used for extensive 360 gaming, and possible 4:3 viewing. My main issue is with the possibility of burn in. Many people have assured me its not that big of issue, but it still makes me uneasy knowing the precautions I'd have to take. The room the TV is in is generally fairly bright, but can be dimmed down by closing blinds/drapes. I'd also like to have the 1080p capabilities of the Sony so that when more 1080p content is available down the road I'm not left behind, but then again is it really that big of a deal.

Anyway I'd just like some opinions and input on the sets.
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Go with the Elite. I can't stand how cartoonish LCD looks. Where I work we have the new 65 series Samsung close to an Elite...no comparision! The Elite is stunning. The Samsung looks "great" out of the box because it is in Dynamic (aka "blowtorch mode") mode. It sucks you in because it is so bright but then when you start adjusting it the picture you realize that...well how do I say this...its still a LCD!

Regarding 1080p...who cares unless you have a 60" plus display! I have a Loewe 38" that is incredible and the Elite 940 that rocks. We can't sell LCD to save our lives. Once people get there heads pulled out of their butt and LISTEN to us and LOOK with their eyes the typical response is..."thank you for being honest"

My advise: Let your eyes (not internet talk) make the decision. I hope that you are buying from a local dealer (if you have one) and not from a box.

FYI Sony doesn't build LCD panels. They are made in a Samsung plant!
Go with the 940 or a Pio 4270 or 5070
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