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Hey Guys,

I have read a few posts, I do understand the 930E is the better TV Overall and performs better in HDR. I am wondering by how much? I live in Canada and currently I am getting 900E for 1900 CAD (all taxes included) and 930E for 2900 CAD (all taxes included).
There is a difference of a 1000 dollars. I do have the money saved up but I do not want to just splurge on this until it is really really worth it.
Another option I was thinking about was the Vizio P65-E1. I am getting that for 1900 CAD (all taxes included) too. The thing with 900E is I am getting it slightly used for a good deal, that's why I think there is a price difference. I have heard good things from Rtings for Vizio, but bad things from customer experience + software side.

What I use the TV For: Netflix, 4K and 1080p Discs and really want HDR, and RPG Games from my PC and planning to buy an Console soon.

My current tv is an LG 55" UH6150, I don't find any difference between Netflix normal and HDR content on that TV even though it says HDR.

Thanks Guys really appreciate any help and guidance towards it.
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