Sony has unveiled the brand new Z8H 8K LED TV in both 75” and 85” at CES 2020.

Now at the dawn of 8K, the Z8H is here to make content look absolutely amazing. The Z8H gives you precise images thanks in part to Sony's best-in-class Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, while its Full Array LED brings more intense brightness and more accurate blacks than standard LED TVs. To bolster its already-excellent picture, the Z8H uses TRILUMINOS Display to properly reproduce the even the smallest nuances of color, light, and gradation.

As far as user experience goes, the Z8H has you covered. A new frame tweeter technology offers an immersive audio experience without the need for a soundbar as it vibrates the frame of the TV to emit sound. The Z8H also uses Sound-from-Picture Reality to align the position of the sound with the images on the screen, while Ambient Optimization optimizes picture and sound quality in any environment. The Z8H even offers a new backlit remote so you can see what you’re doing in darker environments.

The Z8H works with smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa enabled devices and has connectivity that also includes Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. Then there’s Custom Mode, which alongside all the aforementioned, provides various viewing options to suit your tastes while easily preserving your content's character, allowing it to look great. As far as fitting it into your home, the Z8H offers a two-position stand to provide you the flexibility to create a narrower stand for smaller TV cabinets.

The Z8H is 4K 120fps compatible. Pricing and retail availability will be announced in spring 2020.

Editor's Notes by Mark Henninger...

At CES 2020 I was able to demo the Z8H in Sony's "Black Box" which is a windowless, totally blacked out room on the show floor at CES. Unlike the vast majority of demos at CES that are simply TVs set to some sort of Vivid mode, showing content hand-picked to look best in the show environment, the Black Box involves an optimized TV showing a variety of content including popular movies and test scenes, with a Sony mastering display to compare to (as well as a competitor's 2019 TV).

This demo is very helpful because the point of Sony's Master Series designation is that qualifying TVs are able to closely match what you see on a mastering display, in this case the Sony BVM-X300 OLED. While the Z8H is not a Master Series TV, it possesses many Master Series technologies. The competitor's TV was the Samsung Q90 QLED, and in dark scenes that depend on good FALD performance the Sony was hands-down superior to the Samsung, which crushed blacks. However the Samsung had its strengths, including a superior anti-reflective coating.

Notably, Sony made no claim that one TV outperformed another. The company simply pointed out that the two TVs have different strengths and one of the strengths of the Sony is how well it matches a mastering display, despite not being a Master Series TV.