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I was asked, since I am a Blu-ray supporter, to do a formal SWOT (marketing plan analysis plan type of research paper w. SWOT) on Blu-ray, and compare it to the streaming, dvd, and other video competitors.

For two weeks I have searched the internet and can find not find an available recent, or hardly any SWOT at all about Blu-ray, and lots of smatterings, but no market plans from Sony or any analysis of Blu-ray.

There are some for sale by the major research companies for sale out there, but they want 3-4 thousand dollars for a copy.

I am finding it hard to complete this research for both the blu-ray software and blu-ray hardware market by consumers.

IF anyone has any ideas and wants to post or PM me that would be great, I can't think of a better place to ask than on such a huge forum.

Be kind folks, I do need to know about Blu-ray software, so this is a good place to ask

Thanks for your help!

If you don't want to post in the thread, a PM with any info is greatly appreciated, this is proving one tough nut to crack. Oh, and let's not turn this into a everything about Blu-ray market thread, and make a mess of it please.

But I could really use the help.
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