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Sony shows off some of its latest HDTV technology

Posted by Matthew Panton

June 27, 2008 2:19 PM PDT

Sony graciously brought a select few press members to Japan for a week long trip focusing mainly on new developments in their HDTV lineup. We arrived on Tuesday, June 10 in the afternoon. The next day, we began with a tour of their new showroom at the company's headquarters in Shinagawa,Tokyo where Sony showcases all its consumer video products, as well as, the company's well regarded professional broadcast products. The tour ended with an impressive demonstration of Sony's 4096 x 2160 or what is commonly referred to as the 4K x 2K digital cinema projector, model SRX-R220, in the showroom's elaborate theater.

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Interesting. The last Sony 4k d-cinema projector didn't seem to sell well for d-cinema. I wonder how this will fare. By contrast the JVC 4k seems to be targeted towards really high-end HT rather than d-cinema. On the surface this approach would seem to be a dead-end market but partnering with Meridian-Faroudja may make some sense as their clientele may be able to afford it.
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