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Well after waiting 2 weeks and three letters Sony finally responded. here was my question:

I recently purchased this set (KP65xBR10W) and have been reading ALOT of articles

confirming Sony's participation in the DTCP/5C copyright protection scheme


According to this new agreement, HDTV users would have to have

DVI/Firewire interfaces on both their TV sets and STB's in order to view

DTCP/5C programming (virtually all PPV movies and other higher profile

programming) Your brand new 65-xBR10W has no firewire or DVI

intercface, only component analog video inputs. Will you upgrade this

set so it will work with this new protection scheme when the time comes

(which sounds soon)? Sony always boasts its products' future upgrade

compatibility qualities so I was hoping this is what you meant. Thank


Kent Oberlin


Thank you for contacting SONY.

In an effort to protect substantial investments in properties broadcast as

HDTV the 5c copy protection method has been agreed to by several entities.

This copyright protection does not apply to all HDTV broadcasts, only those

the presenter wishes to protect. It does not prohibit viewing the material,

it may downgrade it however.

The implementation of the 5c copyright protection was decided on after the

design, manufacture, and sale of several of our HDTV or High Definition

devices. SONY is looking into what can be done and we expect an official

answer - as soon as it is developed we will share with our customers. In

the mean time please enjoy your HDTV and remember all HDTV broadcasting

will not include 5c copyright protection.

The answers to many customer questions may be found at:

Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance.

The SONY Internet Group

Customer Information Services Center


So this leads me to believe we are going to have to pay for either a new Sony stb box/TV/upgrade or face watching/recording downrezzed material when that material has DTCP/5c....unless Sony decides otherwise.

(sorry that I loosly combine DVI/5c/DTCp/Firewire etc...it was just easier when addressing Sony since I knew they wouldn't respond to any of my specific questions anyway!)


Kent Oberlin www.koberlinstudios.com

for HT pics!

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