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What follows is Sony's limited response to questions I posed to them on 8/1. I just received this from Sony this morning.

Note the following excerpts from their answers:

1) "SONY is looking into what can be done and we expect an official answer - as soon as it is developed we will share with our customers". The implication is that existing customers would receive some form of compensation. The real questions are when, how much and what will be affected? The monitor and the satellite/hdtv receiver?

2)"It does not prohibit viewing the material, it may downgrade it however." This is hardly to my liking or anyone else either.

3)They chose to totally ignore my questions about the $500 rebate as well as why they weren't sponsoring and promoting HDTV at the level that Samsung has committed to. I fully intend to ask them why they chose to ignore those questions. I doubt that I will get any response.

Admittedly, my questions regarding DVI/IEEE1394/HDCP may lack a good understanding at what's at issue. All I know is that what little I do know about it causes be some heartburn, thus my e-mail to Sony.


Thank you for contacting SONY.

In an effort to protect substantial investments in properties broadcast as HDTV the 5c copy protection method has been agreed to by several entities. This copyright protection does not apply to all HDTV broadcasts, only those

the presenter wishes to protect. It does not prohibit viewing the material, it may downgrade it however.

The implementation of the 5c copyright protection was decided on after the design, manufacture, and sale of several of our HDTV or High Definition devices. SONY is looking into what can be done and we expect an official

answer - as soon as it is developed we will share with our customers. In the mean time please enjoy your HDTV and remember all HDTV broadcasting will not include 5c copyright protection.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance.

The SONY Internet Group

Customer Information Services Center


Original Message Follows:


I apologize in advance for the length of this e-mail but it contains critically important requests for information for not only myself but a lot of other folks as well.

I have several questions regarding DVI/HDCP/IEEE1394 and they are as follows with a little bit of my purchasing history:

I purchased a Sony KP-65XBR10W on June 25th of this year from Myer-Emco. I purchased this set which has a fabulous picture by the way <G> when I saw an in-store display where they were playing a HDTV loop from WETA in Washington. I had gone into the store to look at a new A/V receiver and only saw the TV by accident. That's all it took.

I also purchased a Sony SAT-HD100 and a Sony oval dish. As you can tell I am a BIG, BIG Sony fan and have been for more than 25+ years.

I purchased the TV after I could not find out any definitive

information as to the release date or the features for the rumored XBR2 version of this TV. I also have a 78" Kloss Novabeam that I purchased in 1983 and it still works so I really wasn't in the market quite yet for an HDTV

because of the FUD factor. Fear, uncertainty and doubt over the standards and potential obsolescence.

I now find myself facing a GREAT deal of confusion and simmering irritation over the POTENTIAL obsolescence of my KP-65XBR10W because of the emergence of the DVI/HDCP/IEEE1394 issues.

I would GREATLY appreciate both a response and a commitment from Sony assuring me that my $6,000 + purchase will NOT have a somewhat limited life from a functional standpoint because of this copy protection issue. Is there a commitment from Sony to upgrade these current models so that they will not either be partially or totally obsoleted

from the adoption of this copy protection standard? A definitive answer to these questions is critical. I am a subscribing member to the HDTV forum that Dale Cripps champions and I actively participate in the AVS forum as well. As you can see, I have copied Dale Cripps

on this correspondence. I fully intent to post your response both to the AVS Forum and to Dale's HDTV web site as well. There are thousands of people in these two consumer oriented pro-HDTV groups trying very hard to carry the torch for HDTV with little apparent assistance from any of the manufacturers or the broadcasters. I applaud their efforts and their accomplishments.

On two other HDTV-related issues:

I have seen some limited information regarding a $500 rebate on my TV. Exactly how do I go about securing that rebate?

Also, in Dale's very latest e-mail to his members today Dale included information regarding the CBS/Samsung/Sears alliance to promote HDTV via their joint sponsorship of broadcasting an HDTV broadcast of NCAA college football on a weekly basis. Samsung is hardly one of the industry leaders that Sony is yet I don't see any such commitment from Sony. Why is that? IF Sony and others manufacturers sponsored an aggressive marketing campaign to get people in to look at their HDTVs playing 1080i programs you couldn't keep up with the demand for the sets.

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At least they're trying to figure out what to do.


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