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the receiver will be, literally, that last piece i need to buy for my HT room. i have a Tosh XA2 with the HQV processing already inside. i assume that i would simply want to use the receiver's hdmi as pass thru and no scaling or upconverting? i have been following the new onkyo discussion, but have some questions.

1.Do i need a higher end onkyo (or other receiver) for the video scaling if my player will do the same? my projector is only 720p--will upgrade in year or two to 1080p.

2.is THX worth it ---605 compared to the 805+ models.

3.with my XA2as the source, should i wait for the newer receivers for the new audio modes--DD+, Dolby TrueHD, etc.?

thanks to anyone that can offer some more advice for me. the WAF on this whole situation--room not being done yet!!--is wearing very thin. i told her in a month or so for the new receiver...

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