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Sorry about that, you all......

I guess that maybe I should have been a lot smarter in asking what I want.

The problem is, though, that I don't have a lot of specific questions to help my friend!

The fact remains that he has not exactly figured out a budget to work with...

...and I know that he is going to have to do that before we ask for a 'reccomended system' thing, lol!

Anyway, here's what I know....

*He is starting out with $1000 to set this up....

*He is going to be combining this with a seperate, 'For a new TV' budget, of about $500.

*He is going to be combining this with what he gains from selling various equipment.

*He is going to sell:

his current multimedia speakers

his current keyboard.

his current stereo minisystem.

his current sound card

his current monitor

his current dvd player

his current tv

*His current multimedia speakers are the Cambridge FPS2000

*His Current Stereo minisystem is a panasonic one

*His current Sound Card is a Sound Blaster Live X-Gamer

*His current TV is a low end, 24" one

*His current monitor is a 21" Sony

*His current DVD player is a relatively new, $300 Sony

So.... I don't know how much he can get for these things, but I am sure that you all can answer some things! Namely, think you can help in the selling process? What places are good places to try to sell these sorts of things? Ebay? Any "Buying or Selling" forums? Thanks!

So, after combining the $1500 and the money gained with selling this stuff, can anyone help me estimate a budget for this setup?

Okay, with that 'estimated total budget', what can we get? I believe I have narrowed down a sound card for him. He wants to only have one sound card in his computer, and he wants something that is stable and has EAX for gaming, so I suggested a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz.

His current computer is:

Pentium 4 1.8A

Xtasy Geforce 4 440 64MB DDR

Asus P4T-E

(2) 128RDRAM =256MB

Pioneer 16x DVD

Philips Rewriter 8/4/32

WD 40gig 5400rpm

SB-Live xgamer

Netgear NIC

3com Gaming modem

Windows 2000 /w Service Pack 2

Okay, so, he wants to buy these things:

1 turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card ($58 before shipping)

1 new hdtv-ready TV, to use as a new computer monitor

1 new integrated amp with remote control (or, if it's better, potentially a digital audio reciever instead, to bypass the Cruz's DAC and not use software DD5.1 decoding)

1 new set of two tower speakers

1 new wireless keyboard

Anything else required to make his computer a HTPC

So, with the attached picture showing his room, and the above current setup and wants and budget and goals in mind......

....WHAT are everyone's recommendations?

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my current budget is 1000

even after seilling my things cuz i am saving for a car so ill but what ever extra int he bank il only spend 1000 i want speakers with strong bass and my room has carpet on the floor if it makes any difference and im live in the basement ill post a pic of what i was origanally gonna buy which was gonna cost 560

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And is the sound card I suggested -- A Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, ideal for the fact that he wants to have one sound card and keep EAX sound and have a great DVD and music machine?

Would an integrated amp or reciever be better? The DAC in the Cruz is pretty good, you know...

What about gaming with a HDTV?

That seems to not be all THAT of a mature technology...




Should he keep the 21"? That's a NIIICE monitor....

Any suggestions?

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Ummm.... I have a *bit* of a feeling that you are going to need a LOT more than $1000 for the whole thing...

That's why I was talking about adding that $1000 you were planning on spending, extra money you get from selling these things (you can get a LOT for a 21" Sony...), money you get from added time of saving up, and that budget for your new TV together in one budget...

You know, to make it so you can actually get something that, um, doesn't suck...?
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