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cutting to the chase:

for screen placement i have limited height to work with- floor to ceiling is about 7'.

ideally i would like to set up the screen permanently masked to a 2:35 ratio and have the top 'live' edge about 1' or less from the top edge to ceiling. i'll have drapes on the sides to close for 1:85-1:33 viewing etc. so the idea is fixed height/variable width.


the problem is that if 2:35 is going to be projected just like a letterboxed pic on a 4:3 monitor, if i understand right, this means that on a large (greater than 90" width) screen, the top black letterbox bar, and light spill beyond that, will extend vertically a good deal past my 7' ceiling

still with me?

obviously the part of the image is going to spill over onto the ceiling. i had planned to paint it black anyway, but is there something i'm forgetting or not thinking out properly?

for other aspects i intend to move the projector closer and change the distance from the lens to the floor, so i'm not as worried about the smaller aspects.

do you think this will work, or will the picture/light hitting the ceiling (which always should just be black lbx bars and whaterver light spill beyond that) will degrade the actual picture?

if it turns out i just have to center the screen on the wall, i can live with it, but it would be nice to postion it closer to the ceiling to make the room seem more expansive than it is.

sorry if this a dumb question, but i've got nothing better to do while i wait in the delivery prep abyss.
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