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SOTA Sapphire turntable in Excellent fully-serviced condition, highly upgraded with brand new factory fresh Made in Japan high-end Jelco SA-750DB dampened tonearm (purchased factory brand new and sealed before upgrades) with TT Weights Audio Stage One Manual VTA Arm Base and Sleeve Assembly. This makes tonearm VTA adjustment on the Sota both possible and highly precise. Given that Stage One Arm Base with Sleeve is solid bearing-precision steel assembly it is very stable, regular Jelco base/tonearm coupling was the weakest point of this otherwise fine tonearm with excellent bearings and TT Weights fixed it. TT Weigths upgrade alone was $230. Both standard and heavy tonearm counterweights are included in this sale, so you can use any cartridge you like with it. Purchased additional heavier counterweight for $85. Sota recommends Jelco tonearms as great match for their Sapphire.Total cost of tonearm with upgrades was $890, then the Sota Sapphire table in this excellent condition, fully serviced and with brand new belt installed plus included weight kit is another $800 making this table $1690 investment from me 5 months ago, that I am selling now for $1200.
Adjusted and balanced to perfection, suspension springs are in perfect condition and allow for perfect leveling, please see pictures of the level with toneram and TT Weights VTA installed. Tonearm is brand (receipt is included to prove and for warranty). TT Weights VTA is brand new (receipt is included to prove). Wood and table everything in like-new condition. Wood has been treated with wood oils to protect it. Cover does have very few tiny scratches and tiny crack that is not impacting use in any way. Hinges do work and keep cover up firmly. Please review hi-res images for condition and feel free to ask questions.
Here is what you will get:
1) Jelco SA-750DB tonearm with standard counterweight.
2) Jelco heavy counterweight
3) Jelco Premium headshell
4) Jelco damping oil
5) Jelco adjustment tools (add resale value to tonearm)
6) Jelco mounting templates (add resale value to tonearm)
7) Jelco Instruction Manual
8) TT Weights Stage One VTA Arm Base with Sleeve
9) Jelco original factory Arm Base sleeve
10) Genuine Sota tonearm mounting board specially cut and factory-drilled by Sota specially for Jelco SA-750DB to ensure perfect tonearm mounting pivot-center length (factory receipt is provided to prove)
11) Sota Sapphire Gen 3 turntable with hinges and original Sota cover
12) Sota weight (shot) kit if you ever decide to change tonearm, you will be able to balance out the table to a new weight
13) Genuine brand new Sota belt
14) Tonearm RCA cable
15) Power supply
16) Sota Instructions Manual
17) Sota stroboscope disc
18) All OEM original upgrades and tonearm boxes/packaging and accessories are included to prove the origin of the upgrades and resale value
I prefer local pickup but shipping is possible as well. To secure this turntable during shipping it will need to be packaged using special material from Sota, shipping will require ordering a special box from Sota direct for $75 plus shipping the this table will be $70 + insurance. I know how to secure the sapphire bearing and how to immobilize the suspension. Professional packaging and insured shipping of this table will be $150 anywhere in continental USA.
Another option, I live not far from Sota Headquarters here in Illinois and if you would like Sota to do additional upgrades to this turntable, I can take it there on your behalf and they will package and ship it to you after completing upgrades but I cannot see what else needs to be done to it, it sounds superb and better than my now-sold not-quite-low-end VPI.
I am getting out of the vinyl hobby and selling all of my equipment, sold my modded SL-1200, VPI, NittyGritty washer. I was holding on to Sota for as long as I could but with my record collection sold, there is no point. My loss is your gain. This is not a business for me so I prefer to sell it to someone who appreciate good sound and can take good care of this high-precision suspension turntable. I do not want to spend hours haggling so I adjusted the price to reflect that.
Read more at http://app.audiogon.com/listings/tu...analog-60060-mundelein-il#VlySgPtSRVYs1WUl.99


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