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I looked through the old posts for help but could not find much. I have a JVC G-15 projector and now need to upgrade my sound system, including Receiver, Speakers, and PC sound card.

I am going to buy either a 6.1 or 7.1 receiver with Dolby prologic II. Here are my questions if you would please. And feel free to give any links if they already exist to save you some time.

1. Which sound card is for me. I need sound mostly for DVD's (played from one of the new Pioneer DVD players installed in my HTPC) and PC games. I have been hearing good things about the M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 for movies but will this card be compatible with games as well? Should I get a creative labs audigy platinum instead?

2. Is it overkill getting 6.1/7.1 with Dolby prologic II, i.e. is my receiver not going to recognize the audio signal from my PC properly and therefore not utilize the rear center with DVD's and games?

3. Has anyone bought a receiver recently for their HTPC setup and what do you recommend?

4. Is there anything else that I will need for optimum sound for both DVD's and games?

Thank you ahead of time. And once again let me apologize if there are already threads on these specific topics.
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