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I'm researching sound bars for my living room. I'm not an audiophile. I'm just looking for a budget sound bar to improve my TV and movie watching experience. I have been reading the forums here and it looks like Sony HT-CTs and Yamaha YSPs are highly recommended. I tried to do some research on the Yamaha YSPs and I have a few questions.

I was checking out the US and Canada Yamaha websites to find out more info on specific models(I live in Toronto by the way), but I left very confused.

So here are my questions:

What is the difference between Air Surround and Digital Sound Projectors? I saw them on the US website but I'm not sure what exactly the difference is. I did notice the Air Surround speakers come with subwoofers though. Is Air Surround some kind of wireless system? Is it available in Canada?

The Canadian Yamaha site lists a YSP 600. Is this a good system? It has HDMI but none of the other systems I looked at have this. Usually lower end systems have less features, but the 600 has HDMI. Why?

Also on the Canadian website there is a link for "previous models" which include the YSP 1100, 1000, and 800. Are these still being made, or are they out of production? I'm a little confused as to what is available in the current YSP lineup.

Also for any forum members who live in the GTA where can I try/buy either the Sony or Yamaha sound bars? Any places that have reasonable prices? I was hoping to keep the price around $600 or less. I know prices in the US are much better, but I don't want to deal with shipping and returns if something goes bad.

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