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Sound Card better than M-Audio 2496?

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I'm looking for a soundcard that can handle the following:

Input: connect to my DirectTivo via Toslink (preferred), SPDIF (via adapter), or 2 RCA connectors

Output: Toslink (preferred) or SPDIF to an Onkyo TX-SR500 receiver


-watch/capture SDTV via a xcapture

-watch/capture HDTV via a MyHD

-watch DVD's in Dolby Digital

-watch AVI captures

Is anyone doing the above activities, and if so, what card do you have?

I currently have an AudioPhile 2496 which is incapable of switching (no one on this board seems to know how at least) between the different sources without clicking a bunch of boxes in it's sound control (eg Watch AVI file in PowerDVD fine, then watch DVD in PowerDVD fine, then watch AVI in PowerDVD and have to switch the clock rate to SPDIF and back again to get sound, watch the tivo and have to switch the HW in box, and sometimes the clock rate, etc).
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Try a multi-input card like one in the Delta 410 Series.

That way you would connect all of your sources at the same time- no switching involved. Just setup the mixer correctly and yu should be set.

I use the AP24/96, but only have to switch for DTS pass-thru only. BTW, I use myHD's spdif out, have you considered that?
No, wasn't aware it was an option. Do you use it just for MyHD sound, or for all your output? If all, how do you tell other devices to go there? I don't see it listed as a device anywhere in Windows or any of my programs.

How is the Delta 410 different than the 2496? I can physically connect everything properly, it's just getting the correct device to play when I want, without having to also switch the sync clock. Can anyone confirm that the Delta410 will do what I need?
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