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Hey guys,

So I got an old SAMSUNG HT Q80 that worked perfectly till recently.
Well, it happens that now the sound is intermittently working. Sometimes it will work, though most of the times I won't get sound through the speakers.
Today I set out to open the receiver and upon closer inspection I found out that when the sound is not working, actually there is sound being played, but it's EXTREMELY low and it's coming through the amplifier BOARD!!! Not the speakers, any of them, but directly through the board... Is that normal?! I have never seen this...

Anyway, I tried to reflow and change the thermal paste.. But the problem persisted.

Anyone ever saw this and may point me to a solution?

It seems like the receiver recognizes the sounds but most of the times it's not being able to send it to the speakers, and "lose" the sounds on the amplifier board, before it can send to each of the speakers...

Thanks for any help!!
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