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OK, so here's my story. I hate Walmart, but I went to one and picked up a Vizio 3820. Loved the sound and, with my room configuration, got good "surround" effects from it. The problem was that when I had opened the box, it was obvious that this unit had been used before! It had a Walmart yellow & white sticker on the back of the bar itself, and was missing the mounting brackets and digital coax cable. I tried to get them to just give me a cable to replace the one that should have been in the box, or perhaps discount the bar a bit but they would not budge. So, I returned it. No one near has one of these in stock, they are not in stock on the Vizio website, and even Amazon says delivery would be 4-6 weeks!

Vizio does, however, have a recertified model 215. It is more expensive than the 3820, but not by a lot.

My concern is that the 3820 sounded nice with two 3" and two 2"x4" speakers ( I have a sub already - although I didn't think it was really needed.), and the model 215 has two 2.75" speakers (on each end?) and two .75" speakers. It does have a small sub.

How much is the sound different on the 215, without those 3" and 2"x4" speakers? Has anyone heard both, and can give an opinion?

I hate this because I really did like the 3820's sound, but was honked off because Walmart would not admit they had sold me a used product for a new product price! Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Any help is appreciated.


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