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I'm building a ranch style house with an exposed lower level. I have a planned theater room on the lower level.

Originally it was set up so that the outer wall would be mostly underground. Now the plan has been changed, and the outer wall is about 40% underground.

Two questions:

1. My main question - with just a standard, dry-walled basement, with the outer wall being poured concrete about 40% underground and 60% above ground, and no other sound isolation, do I need to worry about the neighbors? They'll be pretty close - maybe about 12-15 feet.

2. Are cheap design things I should do now to allow for soundproofing later? I've pretty much decided not to worry about sound isolation inside the house. I'm on a very tight budget and unless there are ideas for ultra-cheap sound isolation, we'll just live with it for now. But if there are things that basically cost no money, but will allow for better isolation later when I can afford it....
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