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I've run into a problem and I need suggestions on my HTPC. Here's my problem: I'm using an older non-supported MOBO with onboard audio. The last driver update by Realtec on this ALC658 chip is 4.06. The chip itself does not support HD audio. Niether does the software on the latest driver.

In addition to this, my video card which has an HDMI output, (Sapphire's Radeon HD 4350), does not have a built in audio chip. This would mean that it relies on the onboard MOBO audio drivers. As a result, I may get beautiful full screen 1080p video on my 52" Sony Bravia, but no audio.

Any suggestions on a work-around?? (Buying a new MOBO is out of the question). I'm thinking a new sound card but they are outrageously expensive for what I need it for, and I only have one PCI-express card slot. Maybe perhaps, a differant video card?? (Again I face some serious limitations here. The card must be backward compatible to v1.0).

I ran into this trouble once before on a video card: Sapphire's Radeon HD 5450. They never put on the specs that they are sometimes not backward compatible and may not work. Such was my experiance. So, I ended up getting the above 43xx series card which was recommended by Sapphire's techs.

Any ideas folks?

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