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Sound management

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First let me say i'm not sure if this is the right forum for these questions and if not please move. I do not have a dedicated room for my HT. Instead it's in my family room which is somewhat open. what's i'm trying to do is not only improve the sound if possible but also not have the neighbors banging on my door if i turn up the volume too much. I have a single story house with amply distance to the neighbors but the bass does travel. i've talked to some local guys that said there's not much they can do. Others have said for a fee they'll come out and decide if they can help.

An overview of the room is as follows: the front wall i have the mains and tv set to one corner and the rack and sub in the other. in between them is a doorway which leads to the garage and front door. to the rear is a sliding glass door leading to the pool. one side is a half wall then the kitchen the other is a solid wall except a doorway to 2 other rooms.

My question is i guess what can i do to minimize the sounds, primarily the bass, from going to the people on the side where the 2 rooms are and the back and front doors. i wish i could build a dedicated room but that's not possible. i know this may not seem like much to you guys but i'll bet there's more members than me with the same issues.

thanks in advance for your interest in this.
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Maybe consider lowering the bass output and adding shakers to your seating. You'll get the same feeling but your neighbors won't.

Just a thought.
i will be lowering the LFE in the pre amp. I'm looking at some of the products that are out there such as those at auralex etc. i was wondering how these are and if they would help.
To stop the bass, you need mass and/or decoupling. That could be done simply by adding a second layer of drywall to the room (mass). You can also help by putting an exterior door in the 'doorway' leading out of the room.

IMO, the biggest thing letting bass get outside is the sliding glass door. Not much you can do about that though.
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