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Sound Meter

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Does anyone know where to find an affordable but accurate and suitable sound pressure meter for calibrating a home theater set-up (surrand levels etc.)?

Any ideas would be welcome.

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Very simple, just go to Radio Shack for an SPL. Either the analog or digital will do, just a personal choice as to what one you like.

Ian and Jeff,

I have both. I find the analog meter to be much easier to use for this purpose.

On either one, be sure and use C-weighting for flat low-frequency response. (A-weighting rolls-off the bass.)



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But these meters are still a bit off at low frequencies (7dB at 20Hz & 12dB at 16Hz if I remember correctly). I'm sure someone has the full offset listing and will post it...

Add the following to the RS meter to get more accurate figures.

10hz / 21dB

12.5hz /17dB

16hz / 12dB

20hz / 8dB

25hz /5dB

31hz /3dB

40hz /2dB

50hz / 2dB


80hz 1dB

Of course, your meter may slightly vary from these figures. Measure it yourself to be absolutely certain.




Mark C. Davis

[email protected]

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Thanks for providing this!

If I want to verify, how would I measure my RS meter? (don't have other testing gear to calibrate it to).



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