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I recently got a new STR-DH510 for use with my HDTV and XBOX 360. There are two issues I have had:

1. The receiver automatically mutes upon startup - a second or so of sound then "muting" - every time I turn it on. This happens when I have XBOX connect to the receiver wia HDMI and HDMI out to the TV.

I got around this problem by running the XBOX to the TV directly with HDMI and optical audio from TV to receiver. This is annoying, but I can deal with it for now.

2. This problem is more bothersome and it is only noticeable when navigating the XBOX menus.

You know that little sound effect when you scroll through options on the XBOX menu? The initial sound is always damped.

For example: I am looking at the menu - nothing is happening so sound at all. I then click to the right (or any direction) and the sound effect is damped. If I keep the menu moving, everything sounds normal.

However, if I stop (and let the sound input, stop) then the next sound effect is also damped.

In summary - constant input causes normal sound effects. Inputs followed by a pause will cause a damped initial sound.

I have tried searching and looking through the stickies, but I don't even know what to call this problem. Any help would be great!
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