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I recently picked up the blu-ray. I want to be able to do a 'sing-along' party in my theater. I see three options, but none of them do what I really want, but perhaps I'm just not finding the correct option in the menu:

1) Use the 'Your Favorite Things' interactive feature. This would be my preferred option, except it leaves an annoying blue toolbar across the bottom for the ENTIRE movie. I can't figure out any way to turn off this toolbar without also turning off the sing-along feature.

2) Use the 'sing-along' choice in the Extras menu. The problem with this option is that it doesn't play the whole movie, but just jumps from song to song.

3) Turn on the subtitles. This gets you the words for the songs, but also gives you subtitles during all the non-song scenes, which is annoying.

If anyone knows a solution (preferably how to turn off the toolbar in option 1), I would appreciate hearing it.

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