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Hi, first time poster.

I have a strange audio problem with my Panasonic HT50PZ77U going through a HTPC.

My System Spec's:


Tuner Bd Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1800

Processor E6550 2.33G

Vista MC

2mb of Ram

System is up and running under Vista using the HDMI on the MB. I'm not using a separate stereo amplifier just the TV for sound. In Vista/MC I get sound for everything except when I try to watch TV. I'm using the HDMI for display and sound. I thought I was getting conflicts with the tuner so I tried to drive the sound through analog using the mini plug on the MB and this worked but when I rebooted I lost all audio until I unplugged the analog cable. I even tried to lock the TV just to recognize analog under the setup sound HDMI menu. It only worked went I set it to auto, but on the reboot I lost all audio again. Also, I have the latest updates and drivers loaded for Vista and the MB (I also tried w/old drivers)

Hopefully this makes sense.

I appreciate any help --- kind of in limbo now.


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