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I'm really stuck and confused here fellas and I hope someone can give me a hand. I recently purchased a new LS 55LA8600 LED TV, plus a Sony HT-CT660 home theater system and a Sony MDR-DS6500 wireless headphone system to go with it. For the audio hookup, I ran an optical cable from the Digital Optical Audio out on the back of the set to a powered digital optical splitter. I then ran another optical cable from the splitter to the optical input on the home theater sound bar, plus a second optical cable from the digital splitter to the optical input on the processor unit of the DP-RF6500 headphones. The sound from the home theater sound bar was great. I could get nothing out of the wireless headphones. The headphone processor/broadcast unit has a switch that allows you to switch from the RCA inputs on the back of it to the digital optical input on the back of it. When the switch on the processor is set to analog, the signal light on the front of the processor lights up and indicates it is receiving signal even though the optical cable is hooked up. When the switch is set to digital, the processor indicator light goes out and shows no signal. No matter where the switch is set or what is showing on the signal indicator lights on the processor, I get zero sound from the headphones. I have carefully followed all the troubleshooting directions Sony sent with the unit to no avail. I contacted SOny support , carefully described what was happening and asked for assistance/advice. I got a one sentence reply: "Sony does not recommend the use of a splitter with its headphones."

I am hard of hearing so I really need the earphones to be working. My wife sets the volume so low that i cannot hear the TV. If I try to set it high enough so I can easily hear it, she gets very upset because she has migraines and thus has hyperacousis. I've used an accessory headphone setup previously with other TV sets with great success. I'm at a loss about where to go with this particular setup. This set will only allow audio from one output. It can come from the TV speakers OR the optical digital audio out OR the headphone output on the back of the set, but never on more then one of these outputs simultaneously. There is no RCA output on this set. I thought a quality powered optical splitter would be the solution, but it doesn't seem to work. I really am confused by the headphone base unit indicating signal input when it's switched to analog (when the only input cable is an optical TOSlink cable).

I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone can give me,


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