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Hi :

I am a newbie 4K Tv and media player user . TV is replacing an older Elite plasma display.

Does anyone have an Elite VSX-52 receiver that they are using with this Sony 4K setup, After many, many hours on the phone with Sony still cannot use my audio gear to listen to listen to anything 4K. Following directions from what they call a manual for the media player I came out of HDMI 2 of player to receiver input but audio toggles on and off. between PCM and no sound. I am used to listening to HD Master audio in various formats DD, DTS in various forms.

What is going on. Sony people just transfer me around and repeat what is by now boiler plate answers to me without solving or admitting that there maybe a problem with receiver and player server. (interface)

I am now waiting to speak to a Sony product specialist.

PLEASE HELP I spent a lot of very hard earned money on audio gear and my home theater and would like to use all of its capabilities. One more question can you get any m aster HD audio formats out of the media player or just PCM ?

Thanks in advance for any and all help. a very frustrated, Norm L
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