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Should read SR 7007 (and/or 7005 or 7008) vs SR 9600. The 7007 seems lighter than the SR 9600 by 20 LBS and uses less power than even the 7005.

Did you upgrade from an SR 9600 to an SR 700x receiver? How did you find the sound quality difference for music and movies?

I have a Marantz SR 9600. I love the powerful, warm detailed sound for music and movies. Thinking of upgrading to an SR 7007 or 7005 for new codes and 3D hdmi. The power of the SR 9600 is quite incredible. I have 2nd generation PSB Image speakers. Quite efficient 92-94 db 1w/1m. Speakers are 6 ohms minimum 4 ohms. My SR 9600 has no problem with my setup now.

Does you have an opinion of the sound quality of the 7007 compared to the SR 9600? I would also consider a used SR 7005 but the 7008 isn't on my radar at the moment.

thanks for any feedback,

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