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Sound recording software

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More than a year ago I started a thread How to record analog and digital sources using HTPC -- RME sound card where I got some good recommendation for a recording software. I tried CoolEdit and it was indeed cool. I think at that time it was free and had all that I wanted.

Just today I thought of purchasing it and guess what.....

The company got bought by Adobe and now it is called Adobe Audition and it sells for $299! of course with some extra features.

I don't want to spend that much money on a recording software so I am back for some more recommendations.

Please recommend a good recording software that is free or under $30 that will record with very good sound quality and will provide some decent features like the original cool edit.

Cool Edit is now Adobe Audition


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Just did a Google search of free recording software . The 1st link listed got me nowhere, but the 2nd I found KRISTAL Audio Engine , which is supposed to be bery good...

I also refind the search to "free recording software" & it looks like I got much more pertinent (belonging or related to the subject or matter in hand) results. :)

PS - another link mentioned Quartz Audio Master & Audacity .

PSS - finding all sorts of stuff, e.g. with BumpUp.exe "BumpUp.exe quadruples the size of a wave file, making it sound four times lower. This allows you to hear the super high frequency content in your music and work with it. When you are done filtering it you can then run BumpDown to return your masterpiece to its original speed. Desnap eliminates loud unwanted clicks from digital music without sacrificing any brilliance. This is not a filter. It scans wave files for snap events and fixes them."
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Goldwave is pretty good. It's been one of the programs that was always around at the same time as Cooledit, but still is independently sold, so it's pretty inexpensive and has a lot of features.
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