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Using external usb soundcard with optical out to a Panasonic home theater in a box setup. Using windows xp and I have a pentium D cpu (duel core ) clocked at 3.4ghz I also have 2gbs of ram (ddr2) and an ati radeon HD 4350 ( hdmi out to tv but not using hdmi audio )

anyway when I play 1080p video on VLC the audio plays perfectly fine but the video skips like crazy and is unplayable

when I use windows media player with the K light codec pack it video plays perfectly fine but the audio skips out

Why do I have two separate problems with the same video depending on what video player I use? one does not play video right and the other does not play audio right why is this?

anyway any help is welcome.

(also I have stuttering problems on the usb soundcard as well as hdmi sound card (gpu has its own soundcard ) but not on the built in soundcard.

(note I only need sound to work through the external usb soundcard with an optical cable, I don't need the hdmi audio or onboard )
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