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In the April 2014 issue, there are tests of 3 subwoofers.

JL Audio E110 $1,500

M&K X12 THX $3,200

REL Habitat1 $1,999

Only the JL Audio E110 is up on their web site at this time.

With regard to the M&K, the reviewer liked it a lot, however, at $3,200 he cited the high cost and the lack of a parametric equalizer. There is steep competition at around $3,000. You know the usual suspects. A few examples. Submersive, Captivator, PSA Triax., dual SVS PC-Ultra.

The reviewer uses M&K speakers in his listening system...

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At 400 watts rms the the dual SVS subs will probably be louder even with the push pull configuration of the M&K. Plus it isn't as hard to get a speaker THX certified as it is to get an EXISTING setup THX certified. Sound quality wise, i'm a little unsure. You could always make your own for that much money and blow all of these away but i'm sure you've heard that before. I say dual PC-Ultras.
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