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Soundbar for bedroom console gaming.

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I am setting up a console gaming section in our master bedroom. Will be getting a LG C9 55" OLED for the display. Would like to setup something simple...yet better than built in speakers for audio. I dont have room for more than a 2/3.1 setup and am not looking for theater level sound. I think a decent soundbar w/small sub will be my best/economical choice. The reason for this setup is that due to some eye issues I need to be seated pretty close to the 55....so I will not need much sound power.

I have been looking at bars such as the polk signa s2, JBL Bar, and a few from Vizio. Hoping to not spend more than $200-$300. Also was looking at the new Roku soundbar w/Sub since I like the Roku UI for streaming apps....but since this TV is pretty much just for gaming...not sure ...and its close to $400 and not sure its sound quality considering its more than just a soundbar.

Any specific recommendations or ones to avoid?

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If you want to keep it simple, the Yamaha Yas-207 was rated good back in the day. It's a 2.1 system with the sub being wireless.

You can also check out the Samsung ms650, I have it in my bedroom. It's likely over $300 (I don't recall how much I spent on it)..but i like how loud it can get with no distortion and maintain clarity. It also has solid oomph without the subwoofer.

It's also 3 channels up front so it gives nice image with a L C and R channel, for movie watching. Most soundbars are just stereo.
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