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Soundbar HDMI connection query

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I've got a Panasonic SC-HTB520 and bit of an odd setup query.

- TV

- Soundbar

- PS3

I have HDMI from PS3 to HDMI (In) on Soundbar, then HDMI (Out) on soundbar in to HDMI on TV. Then I have optical lead out of TV into input on Soundbar.

This works fine for listening to the TV.

The issue is I get no video on the HDMI channel when the PS3 is on, its as though the signal isnt passing through the soundbar. I do get audio from it - just no video.

When I change it so it goes PS3 HDMI direct to TV its fine and I get sound as well as the TV just outputs it via the optical cable.

So - am I really losing anything by bypassing the soundbar when it comes to the HDMI signal. And why isnt it working that way???

Thanks for any ideas.
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You should be getting video straight through from the PS3. Let's start with the obvious things to check. You're switching the soundbar to its BD/DVD input? You're switching your TV to the HDMI input? Have you tried a different HDMI cable between the soundbar and TV? Since the PS3 is fine when connected directly to the TV (I assume on the same HDMI input as you used for the soundbar), then the problem is NOT with the PS3 or the TV's HDMI input. That leaves the cable, the HDMI out port on the bar, or the aforementioned input selection. Do you have another component with HDMI-out that you can try connecting? If the bar has a bad output, you should return it.

When you connect the PS3 directly to the TV, the bar will only get 2 ch. stereo input rather than DD or DTS. Whether that makes a big difference to you, I can't say.
Thanks very much for your reply.

So you are saying that PS3 -> Soundbar -> TV should pass the video signal through? Or do you mean I should have the cable direct from PS3 to TV?

I notice on page 17 in the manual it says:
You can output the audio signal from the connected HDMI compatible Blu-Ray player, DVD player, etc. with this unit and pass the signal through to your TV.

Yes, I made sure I had the soundbar set to the BD/DVD mode, and I have tried different HDMI cables, so I don't think the issue is the cable.

The TV is waiting on the correct HDMI channel but is just getting a black screen (albeit with audio I can hear when navigating the PS3)

To complicate matters I've just linked it with Viera Link as my TV is also Panasonic (46PZ85). So I have HDMI out on soundbar in to HDMI 2 on my TV. This links up fine. I have PS3 direct to TV HDMI 1.

I'm going to see if I can just redirect the PS3 to HDMI IN on the soundbar and see if its any different now.

Hmmm.. just tried it and I'm getting no video still.

When I set it up so its passing through the soundbar, with viera link on it correctly auto changes between the TV and BD/DVD output on the soundbar. When its on the HDMI channel it flips to BD/DVD and I can hear the PS3 - I just cant see it
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Originally Posted by Floob /forum/post/20843431

So you are saying that PS3 -> Soundbar -> TV should pass the video signal through?

It most surely should. The whole idea of the HDMI port on a soundbar is so a single cable sends audio to SB for processing and the video just gets passed through to the TV. Unless you have access to another device with HDMI-out that you can connect for testing, I'd just return/exchange that soundbar. Something ain't right.
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Hmm. Very frustrating.

So - by going direct from PS3 to TV - then optical out back to the soundbar, am I losing quality - is it not all digital?

I have a different model PS3 - maybe that will act differently.
Has anyone found a fix to this, I am having the exact same problem, and have tried the same fixes.
Was a while ago, but I think I ended up trying different HDMI cables and it was fine.

So I think I must have just had a cheap cable!
Ok, Well I have a PS3, and a cable box both hooked up to my receiver. It was working last night then this morning it just stopped working. I tried hooking each device up individually with the HDMI currently connecting the box to the TV and they work fine, so it would seem that the cable isn't the issue. I will try a new cable to see if it makes a difference.

Thanks for the prompt response.
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