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Soundbar help please

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Hi all. Is there a soundbar that i can hook a sub up to? I have a svs sub that I would like to use with a soundbar. I used to use paradigm front. Center, and rear surrounds with the svs sub and a Shelbourne amp with a anthem receiver. Which soundbar that can connect to my sub will be closest to this?

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For soundbars with a sub pre-out port look at ...
Sennheiser Ambeo
several Yamaha models (YSP 5600, etc)
several Klipsch models (Cinema 600, etc)

4+ years ago the majority of soundbars had a sub pre-out port but that changed as wireless subs became more popular.
Thanks for the info sdg4vfx! I got advice in the receiver forum to try hooking up the old system, so I think I'm gonna try that and see what it sounds like and go from there.
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