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I was hoping to get some suugestions on a low cost soundbar for my living room. I have home theatre sound in two other rooms in house but my wife does not want me to have speakers sitting in living room.

I dont want to spend over $300. I realize that is not a whole lot but I am simply looking to improve on the tv speakers when I want to turn volume up. I would like to go with one of the lower cost 5.1 simulated systems or maybe a lcr system. I also realize most soundbars dont do a good job with surround but I can live with that. I dont need a sub nor would I have place to put it.

I have looked at a few different models including soundmatters,sony, zvox and boston acoustics. A couple have subs in the same cabinet. All have internal amplifiers. I have seen a couple without internal amps which would require seperate receiver.

I have a samsung 5.1 home theatre in a box that Im not using right now and was wondering if I would be able to use that as my dvd player because it also has a radio tuner. I just dont have anything to do with the speakers. Would that work on a sound bar that had an internal amplifier?

Or if I use the samsung would I need to buy a soundbar without an internal amplifier.

A couple of the units I am looking at will fit into cabinet under tv which my wife doesnt have a problem with. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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